Our Services

These services are included in your appointment with Dr. Shantai as needed or requested.

Nutritional and Dietary Support

Dr. Shantai will ask about your dietary habits and goals. She believes nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and has a passion for educating her patients about lowering toxin exposure and getting adequate intake of essential nutrients for every stage of life. Based on the most current research, she has developed specific nutritional protocols for acute injuries, pre-conception & fertility, pregnancy, and chronic stress among others, which she tailors to your needs.


Static & Dynamic Cupping

Cupping involves placing a cup with negative pressure on the skin in strategic areas. This lifts the fascia and allows removes stagnancy in blood flow. It helps to reduce muscle soreness, improve lymph flow and even to assist in sinus drainage. When performed dynamically (with the patient moving) it can be used to improve range of motion and remove adhesions.

ALINE Assessment

Alines are affordable minimalistic shoe insoles that encourage the proper movement of your foot throughout the gait cycle. They are ideal for the active enthusiast with foot pain or alignment issues, without a foot deformity. They help to strengthen your foot muscles rather than bracing them like a traditional orthotic. To see if you would be a good candidate for these insoles we use a laser, which checks your alignment from your feet to your ankles, knees and hips, at your new patient exam.



Taping (RockTape™) works by lifting the fascia in injured areas to allow improved blood flow and to cue to the brain to decrease pain and improve function in the area. It offers support and stability to joints and muscles, without limiting range of motion. For expecting moms, this can be a great addition to prenatal chiropractic.

Rehabilitative Exercises

By prescribing rehabilitative exercises and stretches to her patients, Dr. Shantai Watson helps to accelerate the healing process and restore proper biomechanics, preventing future injuries. She is specially trained to create programs for disc injuries, children, and pregnant and postpartum people. She may use tools such as bands, weights, TRX Bands, foam rollers etc. Prepare to be active in your recovery!


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM)

IASTM is a technique which uses a stainless steel instrument to stimulate the body to heal and lay down collagen correctly, and to break down scar tissue caused by an injury, overuse or surgery. It allows a quicker recovery time by helping to remove range of motion restrictions and decreasing pain. It can be used to treat all sorts of soft tissue injuries from sprains and strains to plantar fascitis.

Compression Flossing

Compression flossing, also know as blood flow restriction therapy, involves placing a compressive elastic band over a joint or area of the body. This compression allows shearing of the fascia and allows better range of motion. It also allows improved blood flow to the area following treatment, which may accelerate healing and strengthening.

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