Prenatal Recommendations

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby


Prenatal Recommendations

The 3 most important components of a healthy and successful pregnancy and birth are: 

1. Health of Mom and Baby 

2. Mental Preparation 

3. Physical Preparation 

Regular chiropractic, purposeful exercise and good nutrition during pregnancy can aid in all of these components. We are here to prepare your mind and body for a pain-free, healthy pregnancy and a successful birth. Our prenatal recommendations are based on clinical experience and research. As you progress through your pregnancy you should feel more confident in your ability to carry and birth your baby however you want to.

First Trimester

Goals: Setting you up for success, establishing your prenatal team

Chiropractic care begins! We recommend wellness treatment every 2-4 weeks 

Second Trimester

Goals: preventing pain, maintaining pelvic alignment, preventing baby positioning issues, maintaining health & fitness, easing stress.

Chiropractic care includes the Webster Technique for optimal fetal positioning at every visit, we recommend treatment every 2 weeks, or more if concerns with fetal positioning.

Third Trimester

Goals: preparing for labor and delivery and beyond!

Chiropractic care focusing on maintaining pelvic mobility and comfort

Webster Technique for optimal fetal position analysis continues

Focus on preparation for labor and delivery

Discuss birth preferences, goals, postpartum questions

Recommend treatment weekly

Postpartum Recommendations 

Schedule your first postpartum appointment 2 weeks after the baby’s birth.