Dr. Shantai is passionate about helping patients of ALL ages and backgrounds.
She has a special interest in sports, pediatric and prenatal chiropractic.

Sports Injuries

Dr. Shantai Watson has a passion for treating sports injuries, injury prevention and performance care. As a former athlete herself who pursued her chiropractic education after chiropractic helped her recover from a devastating sports injury, she understands. She uses a combination of chiropractic, soft tissue techniques and rehabilitation as needed to get athletes back to their sport as quick as possible. She has seen many athletes old and young including dancers, skiers and cyclists.

Young Skier

Children's Care

Dr. Shantai Watson has completed many hours of special training to give her “little” patients specialized care and attention. She uses very safe, gentle and effective techniques to ensure her pediatric patients are developing properly after birth and the bumps and bruises from just being kids. A child is never too young to receive Chiropractic care, and getting them checked by a chiropractor throughout their milestones is important. For more information about our recommendations for kids, click the button below.

Pregnancy Care

Dr. Shantai Watson takes a special interest in caring for pregnant women and those who are trying to conceive. During pregnancy, it is important to keep the spine and pelvis in good balance to ensure a healthy delivery. Dr. Shantai utilizes the Webster Technique which has proven to be an excellent technique for preparing the pelvis for delivery and helping with low back pain that may be experienced through pregnancy. She also utilizes special pregnancy pillows that accommodate a “blossoming belly” during your gentle chiropractic adjustment. Healthy moms deliver healthy babies. Click here for our Prenatal Chiropractic Recommendations


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